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Freedom Fitness Club Policies

Club Policies and Guidelines

- General Club Policies

  • • No solicitation by members or guests is permitted in the facility without prior written approval by management.
  • • Please remember to bring your key card each and every time you visit the gym. Please remember that your key card is your own and allowing anyone else to use it may result in immediate termination of your membership. There is a $5 replacement fee for lost cards.
  • • No photographic equipment of any kind is allowed in the gym without prior permission/ approval from Freedom Fitness's Marketing Department.
  • • No outside personal trainers are allowed to train clients or members without approval of club management.

- Guest Policy

  • • All guests MUST check in at the front desk.
  • • Out of town guests pay $10 for a single workout.
  • • Area residents with a valid local ID may try the clubs once complimentary on a single day pass.
  • • Guests must be 18 years of age, or 15-17 with parent/legal guardian signature.

- Basic Rules for Dress

  • • For your protection, shoes must be worn at all times in the workout areas. Shoes must cover your entire foot. (i.e.: no sandals.)
  • • No jeans, belt buckles or loose, dangling jewelry items can be worn in the workout area. (These items may damage the equipment or cause injury to you.)
  • • Tops must be worn while working out. Sweatshirts, tee shirts, long-sleeved workout shirts, or workout bras are all acceptable tops.
  • • Workout shorts must be long enough to cover your buttocks at all times. This includes times that you're bending, stretching, running, etc.

- Equipment and Cardiovascular Training Areas

  • • No gym bags are allowed on the gym floor. All bags must be placed in a locker or left outside of the gym. Lockers are available for daily use. Bring your own lock and remember to take it with you when you leave. The club reserves the right to remove locks that are left overnight and assumes no responsibility for the contents of the lockers.
  • • Please be courteous at all times.
  • • Do not attempt to repair or adjust any equipment that has malfunctioned.
  • • Outside equipment and accessories are not allowed.
  • • Please report any equipment problems to the staff immediately.
  • • In areas where cleaning sprays are not available, use your workout towel to wipe off equipment and benches after use.
  • • Rack all weights and dumbbells after each use.
  • • Dropping or slamming down of weights may injure you, other members and/or the facility and will not be tolerated.
  • • Always use a spotter when attempting maximum weight.
  • • Collars and clips are to be used for "free bar" lifting.
  • • Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts and weight stacks.
  • • Screaming during lifting is a safety issue for all members and is not allowed.
  • • Please do not use chalk on any equipment in our clubs.
  • • Bottled plastic drink containers are allowed anywhere in the club. Glass bottles are not allowed.

In the event that a member fails to follow these rules and any other rules and/or regulations set by the club, Freedom Fitness reserves the right to cancel any membership without advance notice or refund of payment(s) made or cancellation of any future payments due.

- General Information

  • • Make sure you always have an adequate warm up prior to beginning your workout.

- Children's Play Area Regulations

  • • Parent/Guardian must stay on site at all times while their child(ren) are in the Play Area. Freedom Fitness does not operate a Day Care Facility.
  • • There are NO Play Area Attendants, so ALL parents are RESPONSIBLE for your OWN children.
  • • Children must be between 4 and 16 years old of age for admission into the Play Area.
  • • Maximum time of 2 hours per child per visit.
  • • Maximum of 3 children are permitted per member per visit.
  • • Parents are required to check their children in and out when the child is dropped off and picked up.
  • • The parent who checks the child in, must check the child out.
  • • No outside food or beverages are allowed.
  • • Profane language is not permitted.
  • • Freedom Fitness reserves the right to remove a child from the Play Area should the child's behavior be considered disruptive to the other Play Area attendees.
    • • Runny nose and/or Coughing
    • • Diarrhea or has been vomiting
    • • A low-grade temperature
  • • Changing diapers is prohibited; if a change is necessary, the parent/guardian will be located immediately.

These guidelines will be strongly enforced, especially during cold weather season.

Medical Treatment

Freedom Fitness operates a Children's Play Area, is not a Day Care Facility or a medical treatment facility, and medical services are not provided. There are NO Play Area Attendants, so ALL parents are RESPONSIBLE for your OWN children. To ensure the safety of all children, Freedom Fitness reserves the right to deny entry to the Play Area should a medical condition exist that requires medically trained personnel.

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